Yonex Voltric 7 DG (3U: 88 grams)


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  • Yonex most durable badminton racquet in history
  • DG stands for DURABLE GRADE
  • For the fist time ever, Yonex guarantees up to 35lbs of tension on this racquet
  • This is a monster racquet built to crush down your oppenent's defence
  • Very Head Heavy racquet to make sure you get all the power you need
  • The Extra Stiff shaft of the Voltric 7 DG makes sure hard hitters gets maximum power on their smashes
  • Very physically demanding racquet. Beginners should stay away.
  • Contains huge potential for power.
  • Comes with a full Yonex racquet cover


Shaft Flexibility: Extra Stiff

Balance Point: 310mm (Head Heavy)

Frame Material: Super-high elasticity carbon, High Elasticity Carbon Fiber; Tungsten

Shaft Material: High Elasticity Carbon

Weight: 3U (88 grams)

Max Tension: 35lbs

Color: Lime Green


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